Top 5 Banks Issuing A Passport Loan * Online Loan

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On the Internet, you can find impressive lists of banks, which, according to the authors of the lists, give money to anyone who has a Russian passport. But the reality is that there are not so many banks in which you can get a cash loan without references and guarantors , besides issuing money on the same day. All over the country, we found only six. Two of them were not included in our list, due to the small number of regions in which they are represented.

You can get a loan if you have only a passport in 5 banks

You can get a loan if you have only a passport in 5 banks



List of banks issuing credits on the passport on the same day


Bank East

Bank Vostochny, was founded in 1991, the first year in the city of Blagoveshchensk. Having started work from the Far East, recently it is rapidly gaining turnover on the development of the network throughout Russia. In its development strategy, Vostochny Bank places great emphasis on providing quality financial services to residents of the Russian regions. In addition, the Bank is actively working not only in megacities, but also in a huge number of small cities, where almost no large retail banks go.

Bank East 

Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development

UBRD was founded in Ekatirinburg. Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development, wants to be the best team and leader in banking, set the tone, offering people and companies high-quality service and simple financial solutions throughout Russia.


Sovcombank’s Express Plus program is another opportunity to get a cash loan on a passport, without a certificate of income and surety. True, the maximum amount to be counted is only 40,000 rubles. But, unlike many other banks, Sovcombank has been providing such loans since the age of 20.


In general, as you can see, to get a loan on a passport is quite real. And if for some reason, you did not succeed. Dont be upset. Try to get a loan with references or a credit card . Which as it is known, banks give out much more willingly.