Author: Dorothy Hayes

Top 5 Banks Issuing A Passport Loan * Online Loan

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  On the Internet, you can find impressive lists of banks, which, according to the authors of the lists, give money to anyone who has a Russian passport. But the reality is that there are not so many banks in which you can get a cash loan without references and guarantors , besides issuing money […]

With Customer Loyalty to Success – Practical Tips for Your Business Plan

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Did you know that it is up to ten times more expensive to win a new customer than to turn a regular customer into a “repeat offender”? And that the average revenue per regular customer is much higher than that of new customers? For that reason alone, it pays to invest in customer loyalty. In […]

Traditional Business Loan Granting Methods.

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Traditional Loan Granting Methods Still Do Not Help Small and Medium Enterprises Despite Improving Bank Situations . So, are all the faults of the banks? It is certainly true that after obtaining government funding in the aftermath of the financial crisis, banks drastically reduced the activity of providing loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. For […]

The Sales Planning In the Business Plan: Business Loans

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Sales planning is the prelude to the financial plan in your business plan. You indicate how many products or services you are likely to sell at what prices in the years following your formation. Many founders are too optimistic about their sales planning and estimate their revenues too high – also because they believe only […]

Mortgage Refinancing – Reduce Indebtedness

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  Mortgage refinancing, a tailor-made solution to reduce indebtedness. If granted, this solution will solve many debts such as credit cards or a car loan.   What you need to know about mortgage refinancing   In refinancing your mortgage, you could withdraw a percentage of the market value of your property minus the remaining balance […]